Mom gives birth to black and white twin boys but both parents are black (2024)

After welcoming a beautiful daughter into the world, Stacy and Babajide of Lagos decided to expand their family. So when they found out they were pregnant once again they were over the moon excited to find out that this time they would be expecting twin boys!

When the 31-year-old mother underwent a cesarean section, she was overjoyed to think that their baby boys Daniel and David Omirin were well on their way. But when their sons arrived, Stacy and Babajide were stunned.

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The twins arrived mere minutes apart looking absolutely nothing like each other except for their gorgeous big brown eyes.

“It was a massive surprise.”

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Daniel has dark skin and black curly hair, just like their five-year-old sister Demilade. David has while skin and golden curls. Neither parent is white.

“We did not know about their differences while I was pregnant. The scan did not show such, so it was a huge surprise and the most amazing moment when the first twin (Daniel) came out with black hair and the second twin (David) came out with gold hair. I had them through CS, so the doctors were like, ‘It seems you are having totally unidentical twins.’ Before I knew it, nurses started coming out to look at them.”

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Stacy was instantly in love, but she wasn’t sure how Babajide would react.

“Their dad was really overwhelmed and immediately named My Twin 2 (David) ‘Golden,’ so he fondly calls him Mr. Golden. He was all overjoyed seeing his boys. He stood for more than 10 minutes staring at them and said he was just looking at God’s wonderful work and that they are his best gift ever.”

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Albinism is a genetic condition caused by the lack of melanin, the pigment formed in the skin, hair and eyes. It knows no gender or race and can affect anyone.

The chance of being born with albinism ranges from one in 3,000 to one in 20,000. David has oculocutaneous albinism, which caused his light skin and golden curls.

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While some individuals with albinism can experience health issues, particularly eye problems, fortunately, David doesn’t have any such concerns. Statistics show that albinism in Nigeria happens to be among the highest level in the world.

According to the World Health Organization, estimates vary from one in 5,000 to one in 15,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Europe and North America, one in 20,000 people have the condition according to the NGO Under the Same Sun.

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Still, with more than two million albinos residing there, they often are discriminated against and bullied. Thankfully Stacy has never heard a hurtful comment about her sons.

“There’re always side talks whenever we go out, people often wanna know how and what’s happening and maybe due to their cute and adorable nature, you just wanna come close to say hello.”

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Because the boys are stunning, the family has been contacted about the wee ones modeling.

Stacy created an Instagram account so that others can learn more about David’s albinism and follow the boys as they grow up.

“We opened an account for them because we believe they have a story to tell to the world and also as a way of creating awareness.”

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The boys may be twins, but they do have other differences. Daniel is more expressive while David would rather sit back and observe the world around him.

Daniel devours his food while David is a bit more finicky. But both are energetic, loving little boys.

“They are so adorable and it felt like we had been given a miracle.”

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Stacy happens to be a clothing designer and while the boys are always dressed quite dapper, she does field numerous questions about whether both boys are hers.

“People say ”Excuse me madam, which one of the kids is yours?’ I just say both of them are mine and people look at me as if I am joking. But I was surprised too when they were born, even as their mum. When the doctor told me my kids are not identical I didn’t know what to expect. But then I saw they had different color hair and skin and I couldn’t believe it, so I’m not surprised other people are shocked, too.”

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The boys only know how much they love each other and are the very best of friends.

Even with racial disparity a huge concern across the country, Stacy, fortunately, has never received any negative comments.

“It doesn’t matter to me what color their skin is because they are my babies. All that matters is that I have my boys.”

How adorable are these two brothers? While the color of their skin will always stick out to those they meet what is most important is the character they each develop thanks to their loving family.

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Mom gives birth to black and white twin boys but both parents are black (6)

By Sasha Alonzo


Sasha Alonzo is a contributor at SBLY Media.

Mom gives birth to black and white twin boys but both parents are black (2024)


Is it possible to have a black and white twin? ›

Non-identical twins – specifically mixed-race twins – are rare, but the number of interracial couples is growing, so we'll likely start to see more as the years go on. And while mixed-race twins may appear very different to most, they're really no different than other non-identical twins, or even brothers and sisters.

Can 2 black parents have a white baby? ›

A black Nigerian couple have given birth to a white baby. With blonde curly hair and blue eyes, the girl's appearance has prompted several theories as to its genetic cause. Ben and Angela Ihegboro already have a son and a daughter, both with dark skin and hair.

What are the odds of having black and white twins? ›

The odds are one in a million, say doctors, but it can happen with fraternal twins due the genetic soup in our backgrounds.

Has a white couple ever had a black baby? ›

A n IVF mixup has resulted in a white couple giving birth to black twins. Prior to DNA testing, no one can be sure whether the white woman's eggs were fertilised with the black man's sperm, or the black couple's embryo was mistakenly implanted in the white woman.

Is it rare for black people to have twins? ›

In the United States, non-Hispanic Black women currently have higher rates of twin births than any other ethnicity or race with 41.4 per 1,000 live births being twins. There are two types of twins, identical and fraternal.

Can identical twins have different ethnicities? ›

By chance, the children of mixed race parents could inherit many more of the genes typical of one race than the other race. For example, one twin could inherit more of the genes that determine dark features, and the other could inherit more of the genes that determine light features.

What parent determines the race of a child? ›

Beginning in 1989, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) changed their standards for determining a child's race. Since that time, a child's race has been determined by the race of the mother as reported on the birth certificate. The following are NCHS guidelines for determining the child's race.

What is it called when two black parents have a white baby? ›

Albinos can happen from two completely Black parents and may have just white inside of the eye (retina) or may be totally white with eyes, skin and all white hair.

Does the skin color of a baby depend on the father or mother? ›

This means that the skin color a baby has depends on more than one gene . When a baby inherits skin color genes from both biological parents, a mixture of different genes will determine their skin color. Since a baby inherits half its genes from each biological parent, its physical appearance will be a mix of both.

Which race gives birth to the most twins? ›

High parity – Having one or more previous pregnancies, especially a multiple pregnancy, increases the chances of having multiples. Race – African-American women are more likely to have twins than any other race. Asian and Native Americans have the lowest twinning rates.

What race is most likely to have identical twins? ›

Race – African women have the highest incidence of twins, while Asian women have the lowest. Assisted reproductive techniques – many procedures rely on stimulating the ovaries with fertility drugs to produce eggs and, often, several eggs are released per ovulation.

What can I eat to get pregnant with twins naturally? ›

In a study conducted by Dr. Gary Steinman, females who eat more dairy are 5 times more likely to have a twin pregnancy. Various studies also showed that vegans are less likely to conceive twins. So, the best chance is to increase the intake of dairy and meat in order to increase your chances of having twins.

Did white parents have black triplets? ›

Aaron Halbert and his wife Rachel are white evangelical Christians who just gave birth to three black children, who they first adopted as embryos.

What white couple has black triplets? ›

The couple is white and all five of their children are black. In an article written for The Washington Post, Aaron Halbert explained how he and his wife had difficulty conceiving naturally and later learned that white children are more likely to be adopted.

Who was the woman who had black and white twins? ›

The twins were born in January 1997 after Miss Douglas gave birth naturally. She was shocked when she was handed the twins as nothing had shown up on the scans. It was such a shock for her because obviously things like skin colour don't show up on scans before birth. So she had no idea that we were so different.

Can identical twins be different colors? ›

Only if it's caused by environmental factors. Identical twins are going to be born with the same amount of melanin. However if one twin spends her life in the sun, and the other her life in a cave, they might end up having quite different skin as a result. Sickness or deficiencies in diet might also affect skin colour.

Can twin flames be interracial? ›

Many Twin flame relationships involve two people from widely different backgrounds. Whenever an interracial couple comes together, the universe rejoices in their courage and they elevate the unity consciousness of the planet by a bit.

Is Superfecundation possible in humans? ›

Heteropaternal superfecundation is an extremely rare phenomenon that occurs when a second ova released during the same menstrual cycle is additionally fertilized by the sperm cells of a different man in separate sexual intercourse taking place within a short period of time from the first one 1-4.


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