How to Find Best Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors | Good Curtain Guide (2024)

On the off chance that you have a sliding glass entryway in your lounge, you realize that it’s a brilliant wellspring of characteristic light, and is an extraordinary method to get natural air when Spring shows up. Notwithstanding, at times the daylight is somewhat overpowering, particularly when you need to stare at the TV, sleep on the love seat, or just by and large abstain from having the high early afternoon sun sparkling straightforwardly at you. This is the place where curtains become possibly the most important factor since they not just give an approach to change the measure of daylight that comes into your room yet, besides, give truly necessary visual interest to your door jamb. Picking the best curtains for a sliding glass door can be somewhat overpowering since they arrived in a wide assortment of lengths, styles, and tones, and it’s difficult to tell what the standard is.

A sliding glass entryway, yard entryway, or door wall is a kind of sliding entryway in design and development, is a huge glass window opening in construction that give entryway access from space to the outside, natural air, and bountiful characteristic light. A sliding glass entryway is normally viewed as a solitary unit comprising of two board areas, one being fixed and one being portable to slide open. Another plan, a divider measured glass pocket entryway has at least one board mobile and sliding into divider pockets, totally vanishing for an ‘open’ indoor-open air room insight.

In case you’re uncertain how to pick drapes for sliding glass entryways that will improve your entryway and lounge room from a functional and visual point of view, here are three factors that will give you a fall flat verification arrangement.

Length and Width

Before picking a style and example for your parlor sliding entryway drapes, it’s of most extreme significance to know the elements of your sliding glass entryway, as these estimations will decide the estimations for your draperies. Except if you have a specially crafted entryway that stretches out past the typical two-board glass entryway estimations, your entryway is undoubtedly about 6.8 feet high, as the standard sliding entryway statue is 80 inches. In case you’re not ready to eyeball it, you can gauge from the highest point of the way to the base to ensure that you have standard entryway tallness.

With regards to the standard sliding entryway width, it’s typically either 5 feet or 6 feet (60 inches or 72 inches), albeit most are 6 feet wide. Once more, you might need to get your estimating tape in the event that you can’t tell just by taking a gander at it. Since you know the length and the width, you’ll have the option to pick the appropriate drape bar and blinds. Since the width of most two-board sliding entryways is 72 inches, pick a window ornament pole that gives around 4 creeps of room on each end (past the door jamb) to pack up the drapes when they’re drawn on one or the other side.

Since you’ll require 4 crawls on each side, you should discover a pole that is 8 inches longer than the width of the entryway. The entryway is 72 inches wide, so that implies you’ll require an 80-inch drapery pole. With respect to the length of the drapes, you’ll need draperies that broaden 3 crawls over the door jamb and 1 inch beneath the door jamb, so the blinds are touching the floor, and not covering the highest point of the door jamb. That implies your blinds should be 4 inches longer than the entryway tallness (80 inches), and 84-inch drapes will work consummately!

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Material and Style

Since you have the specialized part far removed, it’s an ideal opportunity to move onto the viable and stylish capacity of the window ornaments. Before you take a gander at blinds that have your favored tone and example, it’s critical to settle on the style of the drapes and what kind of texture you’ll have to limit your hunt. With regards to the style, the most widely recognized ones are single board, twofold board, and triple board. This implies that you can have one huge board of texture (single), two boards so that there’s one on each side (twofold), or a blend of the two, where you have a board on each side and one in the center (triple).

As demonstrated here, this triple-board shade set is extremely exceptional, as it gives an alternate sort of visual premium contrasted with the more customary couple of board drapes. When arranged, it’s difficult to tell that there are three boards, and when they’re isolated, you have the opportunity to give the perfect measure of light come access contingent upon the situation of the sun. Likewise, these shades have a medium thickness to them, which actually permits some light to radiate through in any event, when they’re shut. Sheer draperies will not give any shade from the sun, and thick “power outage” window ornaments will make the room incredibly dim (and are just suggested for rooms of theater rooms).

For a parlor, it’s generally best to pick a material that isn’t too weighty or too light so you can in any case have some delicate light coming in when the sun is too splendid to even consider having the shades completely

Whenever you’ve picked the best style and material thickness for your sliding glass entryway shades, you can pick a shading plan and example that supplements your stylistic layout. Since this family room has a greenish-dark standard sectional couch with a cream-hued territory mat, these drapes are an ideal differentiation as the example upgrades the strong hued couch and carpet while supplementing the shading plan with greenish-blue, dim, tan, and cream.

Since you realize how to pick the correct size draperies for a sliding glass entryway, you’re certain to upgrade your front room by increasing the visual interest as well as establishing an agreeable climate where you can change the daylight level to suit your necessities. What’s your #1 style, shading, and material?

Establishing Curtains on Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass entryways make a magnificent passage to a porch or some other room in your home. They give an excellent, unhampered perspective on the outside and can give a lot of daylight access to your home. Some of the time, in any case, an excessive amount of glare and warmth from direct daylight can blur or even ruin the things inside your home. To forestall this, you might need to have some sort of window covering during specific times or at whatever point you need some security.

Much the same as customary windows, you can introduce draperies over your sliding entryways so you can handle when and how much light enters your home, just as your degree of protection.

Follow these 7 stages for introducing shades over sliding glass entryways.

  • Locate the focal point of the sliding glass entryway and make an imprint 4 that crawls over the entryway.
  • Imprint the sides of the sliding glass entryway, 2 inches from each side and 4 crawls up, lining up with the principal mark you made.
  • Position the left, right, and focus sections on the imprints you made and make extra checks in the screw openings.
  • Drill the screw openings you stamped and tap in drywall secures them cautiously with a sled.
  • Screw the side sections into the drywall secures.
  • Introduce the middle section without fixing the screws. Position your long shade bar in the sections, and once level, fix the sinks in the middle section.
  • Put your drapes on the window ornament pole and afterward set the pole onto the sections.
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How Can You Find The Best Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors?

Need an option in contrast to vertical blinds to cover a sliding glass entryway or huge window? Vertical blinds are sturdy and can traverse wide distances, yet their utilitarian style isn’t for everybody. We have some other window treatment choices for sliding glass entryways that are comparably useful and give you a more present-day look.

Sliding Glass Door Blinds Considerations:

  • Forte window medicines will be more costly, so you need to hit the nail on the head the first run through.
  • Practically all blinds for entryways will require to be introduced as an external mount. Most entryways need more profundity, so you’ll need to introduce the window treatment on the divider above.
  • Consider how your entryway handle may meddle with your window treatment. Your creator can help discover a choice that will stretch out far enough not to hit it.
  • In the event that you need your entryway completely revealed on occasion, work with your architect to add additional width so your treatment can be withdrawn and cover the divider.
  • Is it significant for your entryway shades to match or facilitate with other flat medicines in your room? Peruse beneath to find out about window medicines with organizing items for entryways.

Best Alternative Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding glass entryway is normally viewed as a solitary unit comprising of two board areas, one being fixed and one being portable to slide open. Another plan, a divider measured glass pocket entryway has at least one board mobile and sliding into divider pockets, totally vanishing for an ‘open’ indoor-open air room insight. A sliding glass entryway, yard entryway, or door wall is a kind of sliding entryway in design and development, is a huge glass window opening in construction that give entryway access from space to the outside, natural air, and bountiful characteristic light.

Sliding Panels

Sliding Panels, otherwise called board track blinds, are our top pick for sliding glass entryways and wide windows. They give you a smooth style, are not difficult to work and are a flexible decision with many texture alternatives. Sliding Panel Blinds are made with level vertical boards of texture on tracks that permit them to slide to cover or uncover your window.

Board Track Shades is additionally an incredible decision on the off chance that you need to make a style articulation or facilitate with the existing stylistic layout. They are accessible in a wide scope of textures and some organize with roller conceals (see connects beneath). You can browse light separating, power outage, or sun based textures to gain the light power that is appropriate for you.

While tweaking your shades, you can pick a wand, rope circle, or mechanized control. Pick whether you’d like your shades to slide to one side, right, or split from the middle to the two sides (a split stack). To give your Panel Track Blinds a more completed look and cover the uncovered track, you can add a texture wrapped valance or molding.

Vertical Cellular Curtains

In the event that you need to control the temperature in your room, Vertical Cellular Shades are the ideal decision for you. The honeycomb-molded texture development makes air pockets that protect your windows to keep you cooler in the mid-year and hotter in the colder time of year. They’re much the same as cell conceals for standard windows, however, the creases run here and there rather than side to side.

Vertical Cell Shades are additionally the most ideal decision in the event that you need a get see out your yard entryway. The creased texture falls to only a couple creeps along the edge of the window. This clean-lined style will give you a more present-day look than vertical blinds. Opening your shades is much the same as sliding open a yard entryway. Press a catch as an afterthought rail and slide side to side. You can pick which heading you’d like your shades to open, either left, right, split stack (conceal opens from the center and withdraws to the two sides), or focus stack (conceal withdraws from both external edges to “stack” in the middle).

Browse many tones, and light separating or power outage texture alternatives to get the look that is ideal for you. Most textures will be white to the rear so you get a uniform look to the outside. On the off chance that you need a coordinating search for the whole room, all vertical cell conceals come in planning even shade variants. (see interfaces beneath)

In the event that your sliding entryway is opened as often as possible and interacts with earth from pets or children, a cell shade could become ruined without any problem. In the event that simple cleaning is essential to you, we suggest sliding boards in vinyl or sun oriented texture which can be cleaned down with lathery water.

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Window Ornaments and Draperies

On the off chance that you care more about exemplary style than claim to fame highlights and usefulness, attempt custom blinds or curtains for sliding glass entryways. Shades will add delicateness and are an extraordinary method to cover a sliding entryway in the event that you’d prefer it not be in plain view.

Browse examples, prints, and solids in many tones to arrange consummately with your current style. In the event that you need to control light or warmth, add a power outage or warm coating to your sliding glass entryway blinds.

Window ornaments can be hung over your sliding entryway with a more extensive pole, so they can be pulled back on the divider to totally reveal the entryway. To get the simple activity of a vertical visually impaired and the vibe of a curtain, pick a cross drape bar. This pole permits curtain rings to slide across the full length of the window. On the off chance that you need to utilize a conventional blind bar, know that middle help sections may keep your draperies from sliding right across the window. Split your window hangings into two and pull them to the center to close.

Maintain a strategic distance from pole pocket style window ornaments for porch entryways. They are not intended to be pulled open and shut oftentimes. Squeeze crease or grommet style shades can without much of a stretch slide side to side.

For a layered look, you can consolidate shades with another sliding glass entryway window treatment. A few clients join power outage window ornaments with light separating vertical cell conceals or sheer sliding boards for movable light control.

Sliding Shutter Panels

On the off chance that you need to coordinate different screens in your home, or give your sliding glass entryway exemplary style, these sliding entryway shades will cover your entryway with two enormous screen boards that can slide to and fro like the 2 sheets of glass that make up your entryway.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that a portion of your entryway will be canvassed consistently in the conventional setup of these shades for sliding glass entryways. Like vertical blinds, track shades have louvers that can be shifted for customizable light control. While modifying your shades, browse two louvers sizes. The bigger your louvers, the more clear your view out will be the point at which they’re open. Kindly note that screen louvers should be shut prior to sliding boards to and fro.

Since these screens are made with PVC, they are incredible for high traffic zones and can be cleaned down with lathery water to eliminate the earth. This material additionally will not twist in hot moist spaces. They’re the ideal decision for a seashore house where you might need to let ocean breezes move through while the louvers block some sun.

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Sheer Vertical Shades

In case you’re searching for a swap for vertical blinds, consider Sheer Vertical Shades a mixture between sheer drapes and vertical blinds. They are made with vinyl vanes (much the same as vertical blinds) associated with a huge piece of sheer texture that surges across the window.

Sheer vertical shades can be shifted open to give light access through the sheer texture or shut to impede light and offer more protection. Look over many textures in exceptional prints, surfaces, and shadings to make a plan explanation with your sliding entryway. Numerous clients pick sheer vertical shades to organize with level sheer shades on standard windows. Some sheer vertical textures can be taken out and machine washed, so they’re incredible for high traffic zones like sliding glass entryways. Make certain to check cleaning guidelines for your particular texture prior to washing.

Bonus: 3 Amazon Products

We don’t suggest utilizing even blinds for sliding glass entryways. This incorporates wood blinds, false wood blinds, and smaller than expected blinds. It is conceivable to introduce them, however, to know about these possible concerns.

Even blinds will be very weighty crossing a wide width like a sliding glass entryway. Lifting them every now and again could put excessive weight on strings and cause them to ultimately break. Strings could be up to 10-12 feet and look unattractive when puddled on the ground (also a danger for little children and pets). Level items can likewise be handily harmed by pets attempting to slip behind to see out the entryway.

Wood Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Roman Shades, and Woven Wood Shades have a huge “stack”. This is the vertical space at the highest point of your window that the blinds support take up when completely raised. Except if you request additional tallness, they may cover the highest point of the entryway opening when completely raised, driving tall visitors to dodge while going in and out.

Roller conceals, sheer shades, and cell conceals have a more modest stack and are a satisfactory choice when mounted on the divider over the window opening. Be that as it may, consider having to completely raise the entirety of the shades over the window each time you need to open the entryway. On the off chance that you don’t need the issue, pick one of the items referenced over that slide left-to-right.

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Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors, also known as patio doors or door walls, are a popular architectural feature that provides entry access from a space to the outside, allowing natural light and fresh air to enter the interior. They typically consist of two panel sections, one fixed and one mobile for sliding open. Additionally, there are designs such as wall-sized glass pocket doors, where one or more panels slide into wall pockets, creating an open indoor-outdoor room experience.

Choosing Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

When selecting curtains for sliding glass doors, several factors need to be considered to ensure a practical and visually appealing solution. These factors include the length and width of the door, the material and style of the curtains, and the installation process. It's essential to measure the dimensions of the sliding glass door accurately to determine the appropriate size for the curtains. Additionally, the style and material thickness of the curtains should be chosen based on the desired level of light control and visual aesthetics.

Installing Curtains on Sliding Glass Doors

Installing curtains on sliding glass doors involves several steps to ensure proper placement and functionality. These steps include marking the center and sides of the door, positioning and securing the brackets, drilling screw holes, and installing the curtain rod. It's important to consider the type of window treatment that best suits the sliding glass door, such as sliding panels, vertical cellular curtains, traditional curtains, or sliding shutter panels.

Best Alternative Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

In addition to traditional vertical blinds, there are alternative window treatment options for sliding glass doors that offer functionality and a modern look. These options include sliding panels, vertical cellular curtains, traditional curtains and draperies, and sheer vertical shades. Each option provides unique features such as light control, insulation, and design flexibility, allowing homeowners to customize their sliding glass door window treatments according to their preferences.

Amazon Products for Sliding Glass Door Curtains

For those interested in purchasing curtains specifically designed for sliding glass doors, there are various products available on Amazon. These products include wide blackout curtains, energy-efficient curtain panels, and blackout curtains designed for sliding doors. These curtains are designed to provide light control, insulation, and aesthetic appeal for sliding glass doors.

I hope this information provides a comprehensive understanding of the concepts related to sliding glass doors and the selection of curtains for them. If you have any specific questions or need further details on any of these topics, feel free to ask!

How to Find Best Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors | Good Curtain Guide (2024)


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