Google Drive Vs Google Docs - Overview & Comparison - (2024)

Are you confused with Google Drive vs Google Docs? Then this is the right tutorial to check the comparison for Google Drive vs Google Docs. When it comes to storage, Google offers you everything you need to sustain a digital lifestyle. You can make better decisions for your work processes by knowing about the various details of such technologies.

Google offers these storage solutions and document creation services to both businesses and individuals. However, as both also work together as integrated by default, a lot of people find it confusing to identify the line of difference between the two.

To make things easier for you, let’s take a quick look at some of the significant differences to understand Google Drive Vs Google Docs through a head-to-head comparison of both -services. As you progress through this guide, you’ll be able to choose the best one as per your needs.

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Comparison of Google Drive Vs Google Docs

The primary difference between these two Google Docs and Google Drive is Google Docs is a web-based document management application to creates and edits word-processing documents whereas Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service. Before getting into the detailed comparison of both, let’s have a look at the general definition.

Google Docs – It is a web-application-based document editing and word processing client that helps you create, edit, and share documents collaboratively on the cloud. The service is also accompanied by other office tools such as slides and sheets. Additionally, everything can be accessed and updated in real-time, which makes it a perfect match for remote work.

Google Drive – It is a cloud-based storage platform, which allows you to add online storage volume to your existing system specifications. With the help of this cost-effective and secure storage solution, you can easily keep your documents, files, presentations, videos, music, and other files safe from unauthorized persons and access them anywhere as per your needs.

Both of these products by Google have a unique and different purpose. However, they’re both categorized as office productivity tools. Let us now dive deeper into the comparison by discussing the features of the two separately.

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Exclusive Features of Google Docs

As mentioned above, Google Docs is full of unique and amazing features for both individuals and businesses. In addition to usual work editing and processing capabilities, it also provides collaborative benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the most main features of Google Docs:

Access from anywhere, anytime

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It is a web-based program. Also, it doesn’t require any kind of software or any installation like other tools such as Microsoft Office. The main requirement is an active internet connection to access and edit your documents through literally any part of the world.

Everything’s in your control

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With this Google product, you can allow multiple people to access, comment, or make changes as per your preferences. Moreover, it also allows you to define the privilege of the various people who can access the document.

Team Collaboration

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For collaborative purposes or team involvement, you can also assign different levels to your group with access to the document. This allows you to provide only the required access to people. It prevents from unauthorized people accessing the files and also getting higher permissions which tends to loss of important data.

Complete Tracking and Monitoring

If anyone in the team makes changes to a specific doc, the differences will be highlighted, along with the name and email of the person who did it. This helps you keep track of all the changes.

Document Restoration Made Easy

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Google Docs give you the option to restore the earlier version of your document in case it has undergone significant editing and you require access to the previous version. You only need to click a few mouse buttons to get back your document’s initial history.

Remote Work Option

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You can add suggestions and comments to specific paragraphs on the documents or parts of your document. It also allows collaborators to make changes at their convenience. This makes remote work exceptionally smoother and convenient for both parties.

Outstanding Compatibility with Additional Tools

Documents created through other tools like Microsoft Word can also be accessed and edited through Google Docs.

Several supported formats

You can save your documents in several formats. It includes RTF, PDF, and HTML, and even makes a zip package out of it. Additionally, there is also an in-text search feature to help you get through some specific parts of the doc quickly.

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Unparalleled Features of Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storing and sharing platform and provides synchronization service with support for various types of files with an inbuilt virus scanner as well. It is filled with various exciting features that make file storage effective. Here’s a list of unique features of Google Drive:

Everything in One Place

Google Drive can be considered as a hub or a central location for the collaboration of various Google tools. For instance, you can share a Google Doc file in Google Drive. Moreover, members who have access to the drive can also access, edit, comment, or add suggestions to the document.

No Inconvenient Requirements

Remote work is extremely easy with Google Drive. With just an active internet connection, you can easily access both your individual and collaborative work saved in your Drive account. Moreover, you can make changes to files as per your requirements.

Fast Restoration and Saving

With Google Drive, multiple members of your team can work and make changes on the same project at the same time. Moreover, all the changes are saved automatically to prevent losing data. You can also restore to earlier versions with just a single click.

Greater Than an Emergency Fix

A lot of people consider that Google Drive is only a backup solution for your existing storage. However, it is rather an extension for the same and allows you to store more files backed up automatically on the cloud.

Flexibility Storage

If you feel that the free storage is not fulfilling your requirements appropriately, you can purchase additional extensions with a monthly and yearly membership of Google One. There are several affordable plans available to extend your storage in case you run out of the existing one.

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How To Access Google Drive or Google Docs?

For people who want to use these services individually, all they need is a Google account. With a Google account, you will get access to various other services as well, like Calendar, Gmail, and a lot more.

In case you are running a small business and need collaborative access to these tools, you can check out the various plans offered by G-Suite. There are three different plans available, namely Basic, Business, and Enterprise, at very affordable prices for varying needs.


Based on the various features, it is evident that both tools have a unique purpose, along with excellent compatibility with each other. Therefore, whether you’re looking for file storage or word processing, both tools can be accessed through a single account.

Therefore, it can be considered that both tools are the best of both worlds and serve a great purpose for remote work. So, make a Google account immediately and give it a try at both services to determine what suits your personal and professional requirements better.

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I'm Kirithika, a senior technical content writer with over five years of experience, specializing in Microsoft and Google tools such as OneDrive, Outlook Online, Word Online, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Teams, and Google Drive. My expertise lies in providing in-depth knowledge and practical insights into the functionalities of these tools. I have successfully served numerous clients in the United States of America, creating how-to tutorials, tips, and tricks to enhance user proficiency.

Now, let's delve into the concepts presented in the article comparing Google Drive vs. Google Docs:

1. Google Docs:

  • Web-based Document Editing: Google Docs is described as a web-application-based document editing and word processing client, allowing users to create, edit, and share documents collaboratively on the cloud.
  • Real-time Access and Updates: Documents can be accessed and updated in real-time, making it suitable for remote work.
  • Collaboration and Access Control: Multiple users can access, comment, or make changes to documents with defined privileges, preventing unauthorized access and data loss.
  • Tracking and Monitoring: Changes made by team members are highlighted, including the name and email of the person who made the changes, enabling effective tracking.
  • Document Restoration: Google Docs provides the option to restore earlier versions of documents in case of significant edits.

2. Google Drive:

  • File Storage and Synchronization: Google Drive is defined as a cloud-based storage platform that allows users to add online storage volume to their existing system specifications. It provides file storage and synchronization services.
  • Central Collaboration Hub: Google Drive serves as a central location for collaborating on various Google tools, allowing easy sharing and access to documents.
  • Remote Access: With an active internet connection, users can access individual and collaborative work stored in Google Drive, facilitating remote work.
  • Automatic Saving and Restoration: Changes made by multiple team members are saved automatically to prevent data loss, and users can restore to earlier versions with a single click.
  • Flexible Storage Options: Additional storage extensions are available through Google One with monthly and yearly membership plans, providing flexibility based on storage needs.

3. Accessing Google Drive or Google Docs:

  • For individual use, a Google account is required to access both Google Drive and Google Docs.
  • Small businesses can explore G-Suite plans (Basic, Business, and Enterprise) for collaborative access to these tools, offering various features at affordable prices.

4. Conclusion:

  • Both Google Docs and Google Drive serve unique purposes and complement each other effectively. They can be accessed through a single Google account, making them suitable for remote work.
  • Users are encouraged to create a Google account and explore both services to determine which suits their personal and professional requirements better.

This comparison provides valuable insights into the distinctive features of Google Docs and Google Drive, aiding users in making informed decisions based on their specific needs.

Google Drive Vs Google Docs - Overview & Comparison - (2024)


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