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What Is a Gender Reveal? How to Do a Gender Reveal Unique Gender Reveal Ideas 1. Lines in the Sand 2. Pop the Balloon 3. Say It With Pumpkins 4. Gender Reveal Scavenger Hunt Cute Gender Reveal Ideas 5. Pink or Blue Balloon Photo Strip 6. Baby Jumpsuit 7. Pink or Blue Gift 8. Get Pets Involved Simple, Easy, and Cheap Gender Reveal Ideas 9. Vote Boy or Girl 10. Gender Reveal Baby Shower Combo 11. Baby Clothes Pose 12. Party Paper 13. Ultrasound Social Filter 14. Guess the Baby Name Fun Gender Reveal Ideas 15. The Gender-Revealing Piñata 16. Cutting the Cake 17. Trivia Game 18. Gender Reveal Cake Pops 19. Tied Balloon Release 20. Bows and Bowties Twin Gender Reveal Ideas 21. T-Shirt Surprise 22. Balloon Drop 23. Nursery Reveal 24. Breakable Chocolate Cool Gender Reveal Ideas 25. Glittering News 26. Paint Your Baby Bump 27. GIF Ice Cream Drop 28. Colorful Drinks 29. Water Fight Original and Creative Reveal Ideas 30. Pink or Blue Bubble Gum 31. Blowing Blue or Pink Bubbles 32. Create a Song 33. Scratch-Off Cards 34. Bath Bomb 35. Silly String 36. Gender Prediction Superstition Game Gender Reveal Ideas With Siblings 37. A Family Photo With a Twist 38. Sibling T-Shirt Reveal 39. Pink and Blue Handprints 40. Erupting Volcano 41. Numbered Shirts Virtual Gender Reveal Ideas 42. Word Search 43. Riddle You This 44. E-Cards 45. Hair Dye Private and Intimate Reveal Ideas 46. Gender Reveal Jewelry 47. Fortune Cookie 48. Scrapbook 49. Nesting Dolls 50. Candlelight Dinner The Bottom Line References

If you choose to learn the sex of your baby, it might be one of the biggest moments in your pregnancy journey. Some parents opt to share the news with friends and family with a “baby gender reveal.” If that’s something that interests you, check out these 50 gender reveal ideas for a little inspiration. While some families chose to host a baby gender reveal party, others share the news on social media, via email, or using good old-fashioned snail mail. Whichever route you prefer, read on for fun, unique, cute, creative, easy, private, virtual, and more gender reveal ideas.

What Is a Gender Reveal?

A gender reveal is simply an announcement that shares the sex of your baby with your partner, friends, family, and/or colleagues. If you want, you can learn your baby’s sex during an ultrasound exam, such as the one you receive around 18 and 20 weeks. Some parents prefer to learn the sex together at this appointment, whereas others ask the ultrasound technician or doctor to write it in a sealed envelope. This way, you can brainstorm surprise gender reveal ideas for you and/or your partner, and, of course, your friends and family.

How to Do a Gender Reveal

Before jumping into baby gender reveal ideas, there are a few things that you might want to keep in mind. Remember that learning the sex of your baby before birth is a personal choice, as is deciding to reveal this information to your inner or wider circles. And if you do choose to share the news, these suggestions on how to do a gender reveal can help you plan a fun and safe announcement.

  • Plan ahead. You’re already on the right track with this one! Planning ahead is important, because it gives you time to consider all the details, such as who to invite if having a party, whether you want to post the reveal online or by mail, and your budget.

  • Enjoy the process. If you choose to learn and reveal the sex of your baby, it should be a memorable and fun process. Try not to stress too much about the planning and enjoy yourself along the way.

  • Consider the audience. The way you share the news privately with your partner might look a little different than gender reveal ideas for your kids or the new baby’s grandparents. Many ideas work with all audiences but read on for some specific ways to reveal your baby’s gender to family, siblings, and more.

  • Stay safe. Avoid using props that could hurt someone or cause damage, such as colored flare guns, fireworks, smoke bombs, or wild animals.

  • Don’t feel pressured. Ignore any pressure from others, including pressure to “go big.” Instead, focus on what’s meaningful to you and know that it’s completely fine to pick a quick and easy gender reveal idea, such as sending out a photo. And if you do decide to do something big and exciting, be mindful of safety.

  • Invite who you want. Who you invite is your choice and decision, as you may feel that revealing the sex of your baby is private. If you want to keep the reveal small and share the news only with family and close friends, it’s completely up to you!

A couple of other details to keep in mind about gender reveal ideas include:

  • Using pink and blue. In most of our gender reveal ideas below, you’ll notice that the colors pink and blue are used to differentiate between a boy and a girl. While colors are mandatory for some of the ideas, feel free to use other colors or other ways to differentiate between boys and girls when possible.

  • Being part of the surprise. If you prepare the reveal yourself, you will need to know the sex of your baby. If you’d like to be surprised, you can ask your doctor to include the baby’s sex in a sealed envelope, which you can then give to someone else to prepare the reveal.

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

Now that you’re ready to dive into gender reveal ideas for your baby, let’s start with some unique ways to share the news.

1. Lines in the Sand

Not only is it a unique gender reveal idea, but it’s also quite an easy option, especially if you live near a beach. You can announce the arrival of your little boy or girl by writing it in the sand with a stick. Make this gender reveal idea simple or creative!

  • Keep it simple by drawing the word “BOY” or “GIRL.”

  • Get creative by writing something cute in the sand, like “she’s almost here” or “he’s on the way.”

When you’re finished, take a picture of your creation with your belly and the stick in the frame. This is one of the many gender reveal picture ideas you’ll see in this list, and it makes a great framed gift for parents or grandparents. It’s also a good option for a creative pregnancy announcement.

2. Pop the Balloon

50 Fun & Unique Gender Reveal Ideas to Inspire You | Pampers (1)

Balloons have been a baby gender reveal staple since the craze began, but this idea puts a unique twist on a classic. Order an opaque balloon and ask the store employee to fill it with blue or pink confetti. It’s important that the balloon is opaque so you can’t see the color on the inside! If you want to keep it a surprise, give the employee the envelope revealing the sex of your baby. When it comes to the big moment, ask a loved one take a picture while you and your partner pop the balloon, or pop it at a party.

3. Say It With Pumpkins

This cute and unique gender reveal idea is perfect if you’re sharing the news in the fall, and it works for parties, too. If you opt for a gender reveal party, you can invite friends and family over to carve pumpkins. Carefully carve “girl” or “boy” into your pumpkin before your guests arrive and keep it out of view. When everyone is done carving, light a candle inside each pumpkin and place the pumpkins on your doorstep. Ask everyone to stand below your steps with their eyes closed, and then capture their expressions from the doorway when you tell them to open their eyes. If you’d rather send the reveal out into the world, you can carve the pumpkins at home and pose for a picture. This is also a great gender reveal idea for family and siblings to take part in.

4. Gender Reveal Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun for many holidays and celebrations, so why not have one for a baby gender reveal? Invite your family and friends to be part of the experience by organizing a treasure hunt. Place some clues in an envelope and send your guests out on a quest that will reveal the gender of your baby. This will take some planning, but you can have lots of fun creating the treasure hunt, watching everyone running around looking for clues, and, of course, witnessing that big moment of revelation. You can get creative with gender-specific nursery rhymes, baby-related clues, hidden baby gear, fun facts about pregnancy and childbirth, and more!As your due date nears, you'll want to have everything ready in the nursery! Watch the video below for advice on nursery décor and essentials.

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas

You’ll notice that a lot of our gender reveal ideas are cute, but if you’re looking for something that will truly melt the hearts of your loved ones, we have a few favorites.

5. Pink or Blue Balloon Photo Strip

Cute and funny, this gender reveal idea is perfect for a social media post or card in the mail. You’ll need to set up your camera timer to take a series of images. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll need two people, so sit down next to your partner, parent, or best friend. One of you will be holding a deflated blue balloon and the other a deflated pink balloon.

  2. Both of you should put the balloon between your lips as if you’re about to blow it up.

  3. However, the cute part of this idea is that only the person with the correct color for the gender reveal (blue for boy and pink for girl) should actually inflate their balloon. The other can pretend to try blowing theirs up, but the balloon should remain deflated.

  4. Order a photo strip showcasing three images—balloons in your mouths, both pretending to blow up the balloons, and the blue (or pink) balloon fully inflated. Send the strips in the mail or post them on social media!

6. Baby Jumpsuit

Select a blue and pink jumpsuit of the exact same price at a baby store. Hand the sealed envelope containing a slip of paper revealing your baby’s gender to the cashier. Inform the employee that you want to purchase the jumpsuit that corresponds with your baby’s gender and ask them to wrap it. Because the jumpsuits are the same price, you won’t know which one you purchased until you open the wrapped box! You can open it in front of family and friends during your gender reveal party.

7. Pink or Blue Gift

If you’d like to plan a surprise gender reveal that gets your family and friends involved, you may like this idea. Give the envelope revealing your baby’s gender to a friend or relative. They’ll need to buy one baby toy or item for each person participating, and the items could be blue if you’re having a boy or pink for a girl. This can be their gift to you, or they can collect money from the group to purchase the items. Next, ask the friend/relative to wrap the items in neutral-colored paper and present each guest with a gift. With cameras ready and video rolling, instruct all your guests to open their gifts at the same time. By letting your friends and family do the baby gender reveal for you, all eyes will be on you and your partner’s reactions, which will surely be priceless.

8. Get Pets Involved

50 Fun & Unique Gender Reveal Ideas to Inspire You | Pampers (2)

Four-legged friends are part of the family, so perhaps you want your pets to help reveal the gender of your baby with this easy idea. All you need to do is set up a cute photo shoot with your pets posing beside a few gender-revealing clues, like a blue balloon or a pink jumpsuit. To tie it all together, you might want to draw on a chalkboard sign to make the announcement with your pet’s paws placed on it. When you’re finished, post the photos on social media or send them out to friends and family as an announcement card.

Simple, Easy, and Cheap Gender Reveal Ideas

We’ve included plenty of gender reveal ideas that are simple, easy, and cheap, because we know budgets vary from person to person. If you’re looking for ideas on how to reveal your baby’s gender in a small but memorable way, the following might do the trick.

9. Vote Boy or Girl

As your gender reveal party guests arrive, ask each one to vote on whether they think you’re having a boy or girl. You can tally votes on a decorative chalkboard or with strips of paper—just remember to record who voted for each gender. When the time comes, open the sealed envelope revealing your baby’s sex and share the exciting news! This is a simple and cheap gender reveal idea, but if you have a bigger budget, you can present a small prize to any guests who selected the correct gender.

10. Gender Reveal Baby Shower Combo

A popular idea is to combine your gender reveal party with your baby shower by planning a gender-specific theme. Present the sealed envelope revealing your baby’s sex to the party host and allow them to secretly plan the theme and party elements. On the day of your bash, ensure that there are cameras in place to capture you, your partner, friends, and/or family as you walk through the door and react to the exciting news!

11. Baby Clothes Pose

This super simple gender reveal idea requires only a camera and some of your baby’s new clothing. You’ll have to know the sex of your baby first and purchase a T-shirt, baby shoes, hat, or other article of clothing that indicates the gender in some way. You could use pink and blue to differentiate, or something more personal to you. A popular choice is to hold baby shoes or place a jumpsuit on your belly. Share the photos with your community via social media or the mail.

12. Party Paper

50 Fun & Unique Gender Reveal Ideas to Inspire You | Pampers (3)

First, you’ll need to order (or make by cutting up tissue paper) some confetti, either pink or blue. Then, you’ll fill a bag with the confetti and hang it above your head, connected to a string hanging down. You’ll reveal your baby’s gender by pulling on the string, which should tilt the bag, so the pieces of confetti fall out! You can also keep this a surprise by asking a friend or relative to prepare the confetti for you.

  • Party. If you’re hosting a party, prepare multiple bags or use a sheet to hold the confetti, connecting several strings. Ask your guests to stand under the bags/sheet and pull the strings at the same time. Your room will be covered in either pink or blue!

  • Photo. If you’d rather just capture the moment on camera and send it out to family and friends, set up a timer or ask someone to take your photo as you pull the string. Then post the photo on social media or send it in the mail.

13. Ultrasound Social Filter

This is a very popular and simple gender announcement idea, as social media is the go-to for connecting with family and friends near and far. Take advantage of the filter trend and use a blue- or pink-tinted filter on your ultrasound photo to indicate whether you’re having a boy or girl. This is an easy yet creative gender reveal picture idea.

14. Guess the Baby Name

Some of the best gender reveal ideas serve more than one purpose, and this one can help you brainstorm baby names! As your party guests arrive, ask them to guess whether you’re having a girl or boy by writing down a baby name. So, if they think you’re having a girl, they’ll write down a suggestion for a girl’s name, including your last name. Read out all the name ideas before revealing your baby’s gender. If you want, you can give a small gift to those who guessed correctly.Want to know what to anticipate for the rest of your pregnancy? Check out our pregnancy calendar below!

Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

If you’re looking for fun ways to reveal baby gender, you’re in luck. Below we’ve listed some fun (and funny) gender reveal ideas that will keep your friends and family smiling, laughing, and enjoying this exciting moment!

15. The Gender-Revealing Piñata

If you’re planning a party, this gender reveal idea is particularly fun for kids and families. You can be surprised, too, by asking a friend or relative to do the planning for this one. You or your friend will order a piñata that looks gender neutral from the outside but filled with blue or pink candies. At your gender reveal party, let all your friends and family take a turn whacking the piñata. Once the goodies come pouring out, grab a handful and toss them up over your head for an adorable photo.

16. Cutting the Cake

50 Fun & Unique Gender Reveal Ideas to Inspire You | Pampers (4)

With a sealed envelope in hand revealing your baby’s gender, order a cake from your favorite bakery. Ask the baker to color the inside of the cake to correspond with the baby’s sex—blue for boy, pink for girl—and cover it with frosting in a neutral color. This simple gender reveal idea works well for any setting. If you’re at a party, cut the cake in front of your family and friends. If you’d like to make this a photo shoot for social media or cards in the mail, do it privately and take pictures.

17. Trivia Game

For a super fun way to reveal baby gender, consider this idea. It requires a bit of prep, but you and your party guests will love it! You’ll create a trivia game using facts or anecdotes about pregnancy, baby rearing, and/or the parents-to-be. Divide your guests into two teams and separate the questions into gender themes. The parent(s)-to-be should be the game host for this one! Here are some example questions:

  • How many girls have the name Sarah?

  • What’s the most popular toy for boys?

  • Who tends to grow taller as a toddler, girls or boys?

  • When did the mom-to-be start walking?

  • How old was the dad-to-be when he got his first tooth?

Ask everyone to sit in a circle. Whenever a team answers a boy-related question correctly, put something blue (a token, candy, button, etc.) in the middle, and for girl-related answers, something pink. At the end of the game, whichever gender had more items in the middle is the sex of your baby! If you focus your questions on the mom- and dad-to-be, this is a particularly fun gender reveal for parents and grandparents.

18. Gender Reveal Cake Pops

This gender reveal idea is very similar to cutting the cake from above, but it gets more of your loved ones involved in the process. Order cake pops from a bakery and ask the baker to use pink or blue batter in the middle and white frosting on the outside. Perhaps they can add some blue and pink sprinkles on top, too. (Of course, give the baker the card from your ultrasound if you want to be surprised!) When you’re ready to make the big announcement at your party, offer every guest a cake pop. On the count of three, everyone bites into their pop! The excitement of involving all your guests really makes this gender reveal idea fun, sweet, and memorable.

19. Tied Balloon Release

Gender reveal balloon ideas are always a classic choice, especially a balloon release. For this fun option, ask a friend or relative to get a large box and fill it with helium-inflated balloons in colors corresponding to the gender of your baby. Have the box covered in gender-neutral colors or a mix of pink and blue. To make this idea safe, it’s best to secure the balloons inside the box so they don’t float into the sky. Whether you do this a party or in private, this fun idea reveals your baby’s gender as soon as you open the box!

20. Bows and Bowties

Bows and bowties is a classic theme for a gender reveal party, and this activity gets your guests involved in the action. You’ll need to create bows and bowties for your guests to wear. You can make them out of cloth, ribbon, felt, or whatever material you prefer—just include a way to secure them onto clothing, such as with bar pins. As your guests arrive, ask them to predict the gender of your baby by wearing a bow or bowtie. When you’re ready, reveal your baby’s gender, and whoever guessed correctly can win a small prize.

Twin Gender Reveal Ideas

Twins are double the fun, and that’s especially true for a gender reveal. If you’re pregnant with twins, there are several different gender reveal ideas, but they all make the surprise two times as exciting!

21. T-Shirt Surprise

You’ll need two people for this one. You and your partner, friend, or relative will each wear a T-shirt that indicates the gender of your twins. That could be simply with a color or a custom-made design. For a photo card, pose wearing your T-shirts, and for a party, you can surprise your guests by taking off your sweaters or jackets. If you want to be in on the surprise, ask a trusted friend or relative to order shirts that say the babies’ genders. Put on the T-shirts with your eyes closed, zipping up a jacket or pulling on a sweater to hide the writing. For this idea, you’ll reveal your twin babies’ genders to yourselves and/or your party guests!

22. Balloon Drop

Another classic gender reveal balloon idea, this one uses gravity to share the exciting news. Again, you’ll fill a box with inflated balloons (this time without using helium) corresponding to the color of your twins' genders (blue for boy, pink for girl). Seal the box lightly and tie long strings to the top of the box, along the seal. Hang the box upside down from a sound structure, like playground equipment or the ceiling of a room.On the count of three, you’ll pull down on the strings to release the balloons. (If any of your guests are small children, make sure they are supervised by adults when handling balloons.) Snap photos for social media or cards or do this with your guests at a party. The balloons will reveal what type of twins you’ll be having: All pink balloons mean two girls, all blue means two boys, and a blend means a girl and a boy! This is probably one of the most popular gender reveal box ideas.

23. Nursery Reveal

Again, some of the favorite ways to reveal gender serve more than one purpose. You’ll need to prepare your nursery anyway, so you can combine that task with revealing the sex of your twin babies. If you want to be in on the surprise, then this will need to be a gift from a friend or relative. Your parents or grandparents might vote for this gender reveal idea if they can help decorate the nursery!Simply place something in the nursery that indicates the genders, such as two framed photos of pink animals, a mobile with blue and pink plush toys, or two blue baby blankets hanging on the side of the crib for temporary decoration. Pose with the nursery for photos or invite your party guests to see.

24. Breakable Chocolate

Not only is breakable chocolate a good idea for a baby gender reveal, but it’s also original and unique! You’ll need to purchase two breakable chocolates in any shape you’d like. (Hearts are always a good choice.) Inside, the baker will indicate the genders of your babies. You could ask the baker to use food paints on the inside or fill them with colored sprinkles or crème. Together with your partner, friend, or relative, break the chocolate at the same time to reveal your baby twins' genders! You can do this at a party or take photos to send out later.

Cool Gender Reveal Ideas

If you’d prefer cool gender reveal ideas that offer a hip or trendy vibe, we’ve compiled some of our favorites. These options also add in a pinch of creativity and fun!

25. Glittering News

50 Fun & Unique Gender Reveal Ideas to Inspire You | Pampers (5)

Have a friend take a picture of you blowing blue or pink glitter from your hands. Use social media app filters or photo editing apps to alter the image in a cool way. Consider using black and white on everything except the glitter or making the glitter look like it’s moving! Post away on your socials.

26. Paint Your Baby Bump

With the help of body-friendly paints, you can get a few smiles with this cool gender reveal idea. You’ll simply paint your baby bump to reveal your baby boy or baby girl’s gender. You can keep it short and sweet by painting your entire belly pink or blue or you can write something creative. Take some photos and post on your social media or create cards to send in the mail.

27. GIF Ice Cream Drop

Put a spin on a gender reveal picture idea by animating it! Ask a friend to film you and your partner from the knees down. As you're being filmed, you’ll drop an ice cream cone onto the ground at your feet. The ice cream will either be blue for a boy or pink for a girl. Then, use social media apps to reverse the video or create a fun GIF!

28. Colorful Drinks

At your party, serve all your guests a drink at the same time. The drink will need to show the color correlating with your baby’s gender. You can either use powder that appears white at first but changes colors with liquid or straws that change color when cold. Just make sure everyone either pours the liquid or uses the straw at the same time. Enjoy watching your friends look around excitedly as the colors start to change.

29. Water Fight

As one of the coolest gender reveal ideas (and something a little crazy, too), this one is a lot of fun; note that this an idea that's suitable for adults and older children but not for young children. You and your partner (or guests if doing this at a party) need to wear all white. Then, you’ll fill balloons and/or water guns with colored water—blue for a boy, pink for a girl. You can simply use food coloring or body-safe paint. Have a water fight and watch as your clothes reveal your baby’s gender.

Original and Creative Reveal Ideas

Be original and get a little creative with these gender reveal ideas. They offer cool, fun, and unique options.

30. Pink or Blue Bubble Gum

50 Fun & Unique Gender Reveal Ideas to Inspire You | Pampers (6)

Take a photo of yourself blowing a bubble with bubble gum in the color that corresponds with your baby’s gender. If you’d like to do this with your partner or friend, you can make this reveal idea super cool by choosing different colors and popping the bubble that’s not your baby’s gender. Snap the photo as you pop the bubble or when the gum sticks to your partner’s face! This way, only the inflated bubble shows the baby’s gender.

31. Blowing Blue or Pink Bubbles

Purchase bottles of bubble solution (or make your own) and ask a friend or family member to secretly add food coloring (pink or blue) to the solution. At your reveal celebration, you and your partner can reveal the big news to the family by blowing bubbles at each other.

32. Create a Song

Good for parties, social media, or email, this gender reveal idea is a funny and original way to make your announcement. Regardless of how you present the news, you’ll need to prepare a mashup of songs that use gender-reveal lyrics like “my baby” and “baby boy” or “baby girl.” Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Find the lyrics. Do a little research and gather several songs that feature the lyrics “my baby” and “baby girl” or “baby boy.”

  2. Piece it together. Use an audio app to piece together clips from the songs. Start with the song that use “my baby.” Try to find at least four or five clips so your audience starts to get a little impatient (as part of the fun, of course)! Then, the last clip should be the lyric that reveals “baby girl” or “baby boy.”

Once you have your song created, play it to your guests at your party, send it to friends and family by email, or post it on social media.

33. Scratch-Off Cards

This unique gender reveal idea is best for parties, as you’ll give all your guests a scratch-off card. When you say “go,” you’ll all start scratching the cards with a coin. Underneath, the card should say “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy.”

34. Bath Bomb

50 Fun & Unique Gender Reveal Ideas to Inspire You | Pampers (7)

Fill a tub or plastic container with water. If you’re opting for social media, you can make this a video bathtub post. You’ll need to purchase a bath bomb that fizzes the color relating to your baby’s gender. Drop the bath bomb into the tub and wait for the water to change colors!

35. Silly String

Instead of a water fight, this creative gender reveal idea uses silly string. Buy canisters of silly string in pink if having a girl or blue if having a boy. At the same time, you and your partner (or guests if having a party) will start spraying the silly string at each other. As you realize the gender of your baby, you can keep spraying to maintain the excitement!

36. Gender Prediction Superstition Game

This is a very original baby gender reveal idea to have at a party. What you’ll do is print off a list of superstitions and traditions, not based on facts, about having a boy vs. a girl. Some examples include:

  • Sweet or salty pregnancy cravings (sweet cravings mean a girl)

  • Sleeping side (sleeping on your left side means a boy)

  • Baby bump positioning (low means a boy)

  • Morning sickness (having morning sickness means a girl)

Ask your guests to read the questions one by one and you provide the answers. Then, tally up the scores. Although these fun traditions may suggest your baby is one gender, let your guests know if it’s correct! This is a great gender reveal idea for grandparents or those from an older generation.

Gender Reveal Ideas With Siblings

Introducing your child to a new baby is an exciting moment for your family. To get your current children excited for their new brother or sister, consider some of these interactive gender reveal ideas to do with siblings.

37. A Family Photo With a Twist

Get the family together and have everyone pose to announce the exciting news. Of course, someone is missing from the photo—the new baby! To make it apparent, add in a cute, little detail to hint at the gender, like a pink or blue balloon or ask your child to hold a jumpsuit revealing the baby’s sex. Frame the photo for parents or grandparents, who will certainly love this gender reveal idea.

38. Sibling T-Shirt Reveal

Dress your older child or children in a T-shirt that says something like, “I’m getting a baby brother” or “Arriving soon: a new sister.” Your little one can make the T-shirt, or you can have one custom-made. Take a few cute photos to announce the gender of your baby on your social media or with cards in the mail.

39. Pink and Blue Handprints

50 Fun & Unique Gender Reveal Ideas to Inspire You | Pampers (8)

Make your own maternity T-shirt with the help of your kids. Have your child dip their hands into pink or blue paint (whichever color corresponds with the gender of your baby) and then print the paint-covered hands on the T-shirt around your belly. Take a picture to share with your friends and family, revealing whether you’re expecting a little boy or a girl.

40. Erupting Volcano

With some play dough and food coloring, you can get the siblings involved with this gender reveal idea by making a volcano that spews pink or blue “lava.” You can set up this creative gender reveal in five steps:

  1. Mold the volcano out of the play dough.

  2. Find a plastic bottle or cup to put inside the volcano and form the dough around the bottle top.

  3. Fill up the bottle or cup with warm water and add a few drops of pink or blue food coloring, making sure your child doesn’t see the colors being added.

  4. Add a couple of drops of dish detergent and two tablespoons of baking soda. Mix the ingredients inside the bottle or cup.

  5. Once you’re ready to make the announcement, pour vinegar into the bottle, and the eruption will begin. As the “lava” starts to spew, your children will see whether to expect a baby brother or sister.

41. Numbered Shirts

Line up your older children by age and give each one a shirt to wear in the color of their gender. The shirts should each have a number to indicate birth order (for example, your firstborn gets number one). Then, have an extra shirt or jumpsuit, perhaps laying on a chair, with the number of the baby you're expecting and the color. Snap a photo and send it to your friends and family!

Virtual Gender Reveal Ideas

We live in a virtual world, and although many of the above ideas work well for social media, we’ve also included a few more gender reveal options designed specifically for virtual parties and/or digital platforms.

42. Word Search

If you can’t get together face to face, email or mail a word search puzzle to family and friends and host it at a virtual party. You can find free programs to make your own word search online and use the words “girl” and “boy” often, but make sure your baby’s gender is represented more! Together online, find the words in the word search. Then, count the totals. Whichever word occurs in the search the most is the gender of your baby!

43. Riddle You This

Just like the word search above, you can create a funny riddle and send it to your family and friends, either on social media, by email, or for a virtual party. Your community can try to solve the gender-revealing riddle on their own, or you can do it together at the virtual party.

44. E-Cards

For a simple and easy virtual gender reveal idea, send out e-cards with the exciting news to your family and friends. If you’d like everyone to open them together, ask the recipients to wait until you’re all logged onto a virtual party.

45. Hair Dye

Dye your hair using either pink or blue temporary dye to indicate the gender of your baby and post a photo on social media. To make this gender reveal idea more of a surprise, only dye the ends of your hair and pull it back or wear a hat. In a social media post, reveal your dyed hair with a video, or when you’re ready to share the news at the virtual party, take off your hat or let your hair down!

Private and Intimate Reveal Ideas

Learning the sex of your baby is a private and intimate detail of your pregnancy journey and your family’s life. Not everyone wants to share it with the world right way, so here are a few ideas to keep the initial reveal a little more private. After sharing this intimate moment with your partner, best friend, or parent, you can choose whether to reveal it to your greater community via social media, email, or snail mail.

46. Gender Reveal Jewelry

50 Fun & Unique Gender Reveal Ideas to Inspire You | Pampers (9)

For this gender reveal idea, you or your partner will need to know if your new arrival is a boy or a girl. The person who knows will select a special piece of jewelry that reveals your baby’s gender to the other person. It could be as simple as a bracelet with a blue or pink charm, or something more personal to you. During a private date, present the gift to the other person and photograph the jewelry if you choose to share the news with family and friends later on. You’ll have great memories and a lasting keepsake.

47. Fortune Cookie

This gender reveal idea might be private but it’s also quite fun and original. You’ll need to special order a fortune cookie with the gender of your baby on the strip of paper inside. If you’d like to be surprised, ask a friend or relative to order for you. Then, when you’re ready, open the fortune cookie. Take photos for social media if you’d like to reveal your baby’s gender to a wider audience.

48. Scrapbook

A scrapbook is the perfect private and intimate gender reveal idea. You or your partner can create a scrapbook with photos from early in your pregnancy journey up until now. Enjoy looking through the pages to remember moments like finding out that you were pregnant, your first ultrasound, seeing your baby bump for the first time, or purchasing your baby’s crib.On the final filled page, attach the latest sonogram with something indicating that you’re having a boy or girl. You could stick a pink or blue heart on the photo, for example. Leave lots of extra pages for the rest of your pregnancy and when you meet your new arrival!

49. Nesting Dolls

Place a piece of paper revealing your baby’s gender in the smallest of the nesting dolls and put them all back together. Present the set to your partner or vice versa. You could also ask a friend or relative to do this for you so that both you and your partner are surprised when you open that final nesting doll.

50. Candlelight Dinner

This gender reveal idea is perfect for husbands and wives, or to enjoy with your partner, best friend, or close relative. Simply plan a candlelight dinner and use a candle that will eventually burn either pink or blue. (You can special order these.) As you enjoy your meal, the candle will start to glow pink or blue to reveal the gender of your baby. Take a photo together and share the news on social media, in an email, or with a card in the mail.

The Bottom Line

Gender reveals can be a lot of fun, and we hope these ideas help you decide how to make your special announcement. Whether you’re having a boy or girl, revealing your baby’s gender can be a private moment with your partner or a more public event shared with your family, friends, and colleagues virtually, in the mail, or at a party. Whatever you decide, there are plenty of ways to memorably reveal your future baby’s sex.

50 Fun & Unique Gender Reveal Ideas to Inspire You | Pampers (2024)


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